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International Paint's comprehensive range of Linings includes Ceilcote, Enviroline and Interline. With over 200 years combined experience within the industry, our High Performance Linings boast global distribution and expert product service for a variety of markets.


For extreme duty chemical resistance, Ceilcote will perform where others won't. Find out how International Paint can help protect steel and concrete structures with Ceilcote linings.

Key Products

Ceilcote 282 Flakeline

Where additional permeation resistance is required, Ceilcote 282 Flakeline uses a micronised glass flake pigment to reduce the permeation of water through the coating.

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Ceilcote 6640 Ceilcrete

Ceilcote 6640 Ceilcrete is a trowel-applied vinyl ester system designed specifically for the protection of steel and concrete against corrosive chemicals. The system includes a synthetic or fibreglass reinforcing layer.

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Ceilcote 680M

Ceilcote 680M Primer/Saturant is a low viscosity, 85% volume solids epoxy compound based on a unique adduct curing technology. This provides tolerance of surface moisture at temperatures down to 2ºC (32ºF) and the ability to cure in the presence of moisture.

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Fast return to service. Providing long term durability and protection against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks, Enviroline products from International Paint will reduce your downtime by 50%.

Key Products

Enviroline 405HT

Polycyclamine cured lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology.

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Enviroline 376F-60

Polycyclamine cured lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology with flake and fibre reinforcement.

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Interline products provide barrier protection from chemical attack. Utilising Interline technology reduces potential tank leakages and allows you to maximise in-service time and profitability.

Key Products

Interline 399

Epoxy novolac lining.

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Interline 850

Epoxy phenolic high solids lining.

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Interline 994

Chemically resistant epoxy phenolic tank lining.

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